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Medical Cannabis Forms for Doctors

As a healthcare practitioner in Canada, you will need the following forms to authorize patients to use medical cannabis.

Optional documents:

What to do with the documents:

To authorize a patient to acquire medical cannabis from INDIVA, submit the original completed medical document to INDIVA by mail or fax.

By Mail

The original paper version can be sent by mail to 1050 Hargrieve Road, Unit 10, London, ON N6E 1P5. INDIVA can assist with the collection of forms by providing healthcare practitioners with self-addressed pre-paid envelopes to you.

By Fax

INDIVA can accept a medical document by fax only if it is sent directly from the healthcare practitioner's office. The form must be initialed by the healthcare practitioner to indicate that the version received by INDIVA will legally be considered the original copy. Faxes can be sent over our secure fax line at 1-888-681-5801.

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