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We currently offer dried cannabis flowers and oils.  As marijuana laws liberalize, INDIVA will expand its product offering to include safe edibles and other client-friendly cannabis products.

Medical Cannabis Products

Thanks to our refined process and specially-selected strains, we’re providing consistent, quality cannabis products which can fit into any treatment. Our offering includes an array of desired sativas, indicas, hybrids and high-CBD strains.

Indica, Sativa and CBD Cannabis

Dried Cannabis Flowers

As the most popular form of cannabis, dried flowers are versatile and provide fast-acting effects. They can be smoked, vapourized, or used to make tea and edibles.

Using Dried Cannabis Flowers

Smoking is the least recommended method of ingestion because of its negative effect on the lungs. However, many medical cannabis users choose to smoke because the effects are immediate or they enjoy the experience.

  • Inhale once or twice in 15-minute intervals to comfortably find the right dosage without over medicating. Once you’re comfortable with your dosage, increase as required.
  • Smoking is good for managing dosage and fast relief because the effects of the medicine are felt almost immediately.
  • Don’t hold smoke in your lungs. Studies show that holding the smoke in doesn’t increase its effects.
  • Don’t share smoking paraphernalia. Sharing increases risk of transmitting bacteria, viruses, and germs. If you do share, use rubbing alcohol to wipe the mouthpiece between users.
  • Use a hemp wick coated with beeswax for a safe, sustainable flame. Avoid butane or lighter fluid.
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INDIVA Bubba Kush Cannabis

INDIVA medical cannabis oils & extracts

Cannabis extracts like oils and tinctures are concentrates containing high levels of the cannabinoids which make medical cannabis effective. Because they are highly concentrated, patients can use small quantities of extracts to great effect. Oils are among the most common extracts and are usually ingested using a vaporizer which heats the oil into a vapor which is inhaled.

Cannabis Oils and Extracts

Dosage Information

Marijuana Vape Pen
  • Cannabis oil vaporizing pens are the most common means of ingesting extracts. Vapourizing is discreet and produces immediate effects.
  • To use a cannabis oil pen, take one shallow inhale in 15 minute intervals to find the right dose then increase as needed. Remember that cannabis oil is more potent than dried flowers.
  • Less is more when it comes to adding tincture to food and drink. Use a small dose then wait 2 hours before taking another dose.
  • Keep a log and record how you feel after each dose of cannabis extract. It will help you track the effects of your medicine and optimize dosing.
  • Cannabis extracts are very potent and should be used with caution. Always work up gradually from a low dose, recording your experience as you go along.
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INDIVA edibles

Cannabis edibles are infused with cannabinoids extracted from dry flowers. Anything from tea and lemonade to salad dressing or baked goods can be infused with cannabinoids. Some patients choose to make their own edibles, although this isn’t recommended because the dosage of medicine may not be consistent between servings.

Cannabis Cookie, Chocolate Bar and Brownie

Dosage Information

Canadian Cannabis laws currently don’t allow us to sell edibles but we are monitoring the situation and will have edibles available as soon as we can. We have established relationships with premium chocolate and luxury food manufacturers to ensure that we will have a quality product available when cannabis edibles are legalized.

INDIVA Chocolate Espresso Beans
  • Use the minimum recommended dose of edibles and wait 2 hours before taking another dose. Edibles are the most common cause of excessive dosing because they take longer to set in. Excessive dosing can cause discomfort but is not life-threatening.
  • Experiment with different edibles to find out which is best for you. Remember to always start with small doses and record the effects of each dose.
  • Keep in mind that factors like your blood sugar level and what you’ve eaten impact how cannabis edibles affect you. Try to control these conditions for consistency between doses.
  • Stay well hydrated and don’t drive or operate heavy machinery if you are new to medical cannabis edibles. Slowly incorporate your medicine into your daily routine until you find a dose which is comfortable and effective.
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