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ourstorybegins with Pete

Meet Pete.

He’s devoted his life to making medical cannabis accessible.

INDIVA is the product of Pete’s continual effort to promote compassion and accessibility in Canada. The journey to provide access to medical cannabis has led him around the world as a master grower, political activist, and above all, a compassionate Canadian.

1980 - 1990 Joining the Movement for Medical Cannabis in Canada


Pete’s interest in medical cannabis is sparked at a young age when his mother considers steaming the plant to relieve his brother’s asthma. With help from the community he helped build, Pete’s activism leads to legal medical cannabis in Canada and access to quality, affordable medicine for Canadians.


Pete is introduced to cannabis as a recreational, medical, and textile-producing plant and begins to pursue his own research. Looking to books and friends for information, Pete is taken with the sense of compassion and community surrounding the controversial plant.

Joining the Movement

1990’s Hemp Nation Fights for Access to Medical Cannabis in Canada


As a student in London, Ontario Pete helps form Hemp Nation - a socially-positive movement promoting access to medical cannabis in Canada. Pete begins studying cannabis genetics and cultivation, embarking on a journey to improve quality of life for Canadians which will span almost 3 decades.


Pete’s friend - the founder of Hemp Nation - makes a constitutional challenge seeking to provide Canadians access to cannabis for personal use. Pete and the Hemp Nation rally in his support, raising money, awareness, and educating the public.


The supreme court denies the constitutional challenge but Pete and Hemp Nation keep fighting, finding inspiration in the legalization of medical cannabis in California.


The Federal Government of Canada grants 2 Canadians access to medical cannabis. Pete travels internationally to expand his knowledge of cannabis, genetics, and cultivation practices while working as a High Times photographer, contributor, and lecturer.

Hemp Nation Fights for Access to Medical Cannabis in Canada
Hemp Nation Fights for Access to Medical Cannabis in Canada

2000’s A New Era of Compassion in Canadian Cannabis


Pete launches the London Compassion Society and is granted non-profit status. The complex in London, Ontario includes a spa & wellness centre and educational resources for people seeking reliable, expert information about medical cannabis. The movement scores a major victory when a Canadian Court rules that Canadians have a constitutional right to use medical cannabis. Pete’s vision of accessibility, compassion, and accountability in Canadian cannabis starts becoming reality.


The Government introduces the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR), allowing people like Pete to provide medical cannabis to patients who qualify. The London Compassion Society wellness centre thrives as Pete assists doctors reaching out for information about medical cannabis treatment.

A New Era of Compassion in Canadian Cannabis

Pete’s career and contribution to cannabis cultivation have garnered him international recognition, winning awards in competitions including the Elite Medical Cannabis Karma Cup, High Times Cannabis Cup, Canadian Cannabis Cup, and Lift Cup.

2010’s Birth of INDIVA


The number of medical cannabis users in Canada increases from 100 to over 37,800 prompting the government to reexamine regulations in light of higher demand.


The Canadian Government introduces new regulations, shifting Cannabis supply away from private producers in an effort to provide patients with higher quality and consistency. Pete begins adapting the London Compassion Society into INDIVA to comply with new regulations.


Pete partners with experts in finance, law, and retail to help him adapt to new regulations. Together, they apply to become a Licensed Producer (LP) and begin construction of INDIVA’s first garden in London, Ontario.

The base of the “V” is a drop of cannabis oil with two leaves spreading out, representing Indica and Sativa. The symbol celebrates the victory of cannabis legalization and embodies a peaceful, natural, and healthy lifestyle.

Birth of INDIVA

The word “INDIVA” combines the names of the two main strains of cannabis - Indica and Sativa = INDIVA.

2017+ Coming of Age


INDIVA’s state-of-the-art cultivation centre is completed. It brings together modern agriculture technologies, high-quality genetic materials, and sustainable growing practices to produce high-quality, sustainable medical cannabis. It’s the first of many INDIVA facilities to provide Canadians with the quality, consistent strains they deserve.


Recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada, marking the beginning of a new era for cannabis. INDIVA launches initiatives to promote responsible, socially-positive cannabis culture while developing new products for medical and recreational users.

Coming of Age for INDIVA
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